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How to Pill a Dog

Here is a technique for pilling a dog without getting your fingers crushed between the dog's molars. Try this technique if your dog manages to spit out the pill no matter how you disguise it, or if the pill disintegrates too quickly for any other means of delivery. The technique should work with medium or large dogs. I don't know how well it works with small dogs. I was able to train my shar-pei mix to enjoy pilling for many years, although later in life it became less fun again. My cattle dog mix never cared for the pilling, but she is happy to get it out of the way because I always reward her with a meal afterward. Cardinal Rules The most important rule when pilling a dog is that the dog should be happy to have participated by the end. Praise her each step of the way for even the slightest bit of cooperation. For a dog, praise is an excited, happy tone. The words you use hardly matter. Praise especially when you're done. The corollary of this rule is that pillin