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A Skitter of Motion

A skitter of motion across the sandstone, and then stillness.  Two lizards clung to the face of the rock, mouths open, panting.  Heat rose from the rock in waves.  One lizard turned an eye back towards the other, readying its legs to run. From downslope, a crashing of rocks.  Hands gripped a ledge, and soon a child pulled himself into view. The boy slapped his dusty hands together.   He stood, and his head of blond hair approached the lizards.  The lizards scrambled up the sandstone wall. The boy looked up, and the lizards froze.  He stared at a lizard, squinting. The lizard slowed its breathing and hugged the rock.  The boy remained still, watching.  Eventually the boy looked down.  He knelt and probed his hands among rocks at his feet. When the boy stood again, he again eyed the lizard.  Suddenly his arm blurred with motion. Crack!   A rock exploded beside the lizard, and the lizard ran. The lizard halted, its chest heaving.  It looked back.  The boy's eyes were lit