A Shimmering

Green and shimmering and fluttering through the air.
I follow.
It hovers by a leaf, settles, and stills. A lacewing.
The lacewing disappears. I see only leaf and nearby leafs and branch and bush.
Feathery grasses tickle from below.
Among them, a sensitive plant, which I tickle but does not close.
    It is not a sensitive plant.
Nearby, a scrawny vine of poison ivy, which I do not tickle.
Something tickles me. A tiny spider threads a line across my hand.
I blow it off into yellow flowers.
The flowers nod.
The bushes sway in a light breeze.
Leafs sway.
A fluttering appears in the air, green and shimmering.
The lacewing flies away.

(Written on October 20, 2018 at Zilker Nature Preserve)


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